Dental Bridges

At Costello Family Dentistry in Carleton Place, we understand the power of a smile. We can help you regain your confidence with dental bridges if you need one or more teeth replaced.

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What is a Dental Bridge?

When you have missing teeth, a dental bridge restores your smile's look, strength, and function by bridging the gap with artificial teeth.

The Procedure

When you first visit our clinic, we will start with an oral exam and discuss the best treatment for your oral health and budget. A dental bridge requires healthy jawbone tissue and strong surrounding teeth to support the restoration.

Dental bridge procedures typically happen over two appointments.

First, the dentist will recontour your surrounding teeth to allow the bridge to fit. We will take dental impressions to create the mould and ensure that the bridge will match the exact colour of your teeth for a natural look. While the mould is being made, we will provide you with a temporary bridge.

During your second visit, the final mould will be ready. The permanent bridge will be cemented to your surrounding natural teeth, similar to a crown.

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Dental Emergency?

Our Carleton Place location offers same-day appointments for your emergencies. If you need a dentist near you to help you in a crisis, please do not hesitate — call us right away!

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Dental Bridge Benefits

There are numerous benefits to dental bridges. If the procedure is right for you, it can:

  • Prevent your teeth from shifting and misaligning, which can cause dental decay.
  • Protect the structure and strength of your teeth.
  • Improve the aesthetics of your smile by filling in a gap and looking just like your other teeth.
  • Strengthen your bite and improve your chewing and speaking.
  • Provide a permanent solution. You don’t need to remove bridges for cleaning; they can last five to fifteen years, depending on your oral health routine.