Amalgam-Free Dental Fillings

At Costello Family Dentistry in Carleton Place, we offer medically-safe, amalgam-free fillings to protect your health and give your teeth a natural appearance and feel.

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Dental Fillings to Restore Your Smile

Our team knows the importance of a smile. We also know that dental fillings are one of the most common treatments our patients receive. That’s why we use the highest quality materials to restore your teeth's natural look when you experience tooth decay, cracks, chips or cavities.

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Why Amalgam-Free?

Dental amalgam is a metal filling composed of mercury, silver, tin and copper. While these materials are considered safe for dental procedures, low-level mercury releases may still lead to health problems.

Not only do amalgam-free fillings ensure your health and safety, but they match your tooth colour for a natural look. This type of filling also preserves more tooth structure than metal fillings, which require the removal of healthy parts of your tooth.

Who Needs Dental Fillings?

A proper oral health exam can enlighten your dentist on what potential treatments you might need. Issues that may require dental fillings include the following:

  • Tooth discomfort or sensitivity
  • Cavities
  • A chipped or fractured tooth
  • Damage to previous fillings
  • Floss tears every time you reach a particular tooth

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Benefits of Dental Fillings

Amalgam-free dental fillings restore the function of your tooth by improving strength and structure and protecting the rest of your healthy tooth from further decay.

Fillings can avoid the need for more serious dental procedures in the future and can prevent tooth loss.

The Procedure

We will start by examining your teeth to determine if you need a filling to restore your beautiful smile.

If a filling solves your oral health concerns, your dentist will use high-end equipment to remove the decay and then apply composite resin onto the impacted part of your tooth.

A special light will be used to cure the material. Once hardened, we will shape the filling to follow the natural edges of a tooth and finish off by smoothing and polishing for a comfortable feel and bite.

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Dental Emergency?

Our Carleton Place location offers same-day appointments for your emergencies. If you need a dentist near you to help you in a crisis, please do not hesitate — call us right away!