We Offer Direct Billing for Dental Treatments!

Our family dentistry services are here to understand your needs. That's why, with direct billing, we make it easy and take care of insurance claims.

Direct Billing

Let’s say that you’re in need of dental services that can seem a little on the expensive side at first, such as a root canal or implant. What happens if you can’t afford to cover the entire cost upfront? As it turns out, you’re far from alone. Many families and households struggle with this, putting off crucial care that shouldn’t be delayed any further as doing so risks complicating their oral health. 

That’s where we proudly offer a solution at Costello Family Dentistry with our direct billing option. This is ideal for situations where you cannot afford to pay the entire cost on your own, especially not upfront. Learn more about this service today!

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What is Direct Billing?

If you’ve not heard of direct billing before, don’t worry. We’re happy to explain it! Simply put, this is a special transaction handled between us (the dental clinic) and the insurance provider you are signed up with for dental coverage (assuming your insurance provider allows it). Upon completing your treatment, we can submit an electronic claim for the dental services to the provider in question. They’ll receive the total cost and provide a response as to how much of the bill they can cover under your chosen policy. As a result, you won’t be left with the entire bill on your own – only what’s leftover that couldn’t be covered by your insurance.


However, if the dental insurance provider does not allow for direct billing, the patient may be required to pay the clinic directly and submit a claim to be reimbursed by the provider.

Benefits of Direct Billing

Direct billing for dental services ensures quick, streamlined access to the critical oral care you need without added stress or financial worry. It’s ideal for reducing upfront expenses in terms of your bill. Not only that, but there’s no need to go through submitting a claim for reimbursement all by yourself – we take care of the paperwork for you, electronically and instantly! Not only that, but the process is so fast and efficient that you don’t need to wait to find out how much will be left owing on the bill.


Here’s an example to consider. Let’s say that you require $1,000 in dental work, such as for multiple cavity removals and fillings. This can be quite a lot of money for many folks! With direct billing, we submit an e-claim to your provider and update your bill based on the coverage offered. In the case of this amount, if your insurance provider covers 80% of the specific work done, you’ll only owe $200 – that’s quite a reduction! Of course, with standard services such as cleanings and the like, the cost will be even lower, especially if you maintain good oral health and follow best practices in terms of brushing, flossing, and dieting.

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Insurance Claims Handled for You

As noted, when choosing the direct billing option, you don’t have to deal with filing a claim on your own, which itself can result in a long delay in finding out what you still need to pay after insurance kicks in. Instead, our process is quick and convenient, alleviating concerns and helping to paint a clearer picture sooner. It’s important to brush up on your policy, however, and verify the percentage covered for specific services. If you run into any issues with your bill or can’t quite make the outstanding payment, fear not, as we’re happy to discuss financing options as well. We won’t leave you hanging!

How Do I Get Started with Direct Billing?

Have you been wondering, “is there a direct billing dentist near me?” Well, look no further! All you need is your health insurance card and we’ll take care of the rest! Whether you want to learn more about our direct billing options or specific dental services, our team at Costello Family Dentistry is here to help. Reach out to us today for further assistance, and let’s maximize the potential of your smile!

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