Whether you’re fighting off cavities, need a new crown or otherwise, we’re happy to make it happen. Our dental restorations encompass a wide array of specialized services, each of which is geared towards improving specific aspects of your teeth. If you’re struggling to eat your favourite treats or want to avoid amalgam at all costs (we don’t blame you), you can count on us. The same applies to more intensive therapies that aim to protect your teeth from below the gum line, such as root canals.

Our Services

Amalgam-Free Dental Fillings

Ever heard of dental amalgam? It’s a mixture of metals used in low-quality fillings and usually consists of a mixture of tin, silver and copper alloy. Mercury is used to bind the particles together to form the filling. However, as many of us know, mercury is a known toxin. Dental amalgam using mercury releases low levels of it in a vapour form, which can lead to lung and kidney problems (among others).

Costello Family Dentistry has never used amalgam dental fillings, and we never will. Our amalgam-free alternatives often referred to as “white fillings” don’t carry any harmful materials. Plus, they blend beautifully to match the rest of your smile. As a result, you enjoy a natural-looking smile and no more cavity pain, all with zero risk of ingesting any nasty toxins. What’s more, our amalgam-free fillings are way stronger!

We consider that not only a win-win but also the right thing to do. You deserve the best!

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Our custom porcelain inlays and overlays are a great way to not only give your smile a restored, natural look, but also improved functionality and strength. They’re a great choice for those who still have large metal fillings in their teeth, weakened molars or jagged bites. Custom-made from high-quality porcelain with the help of a professional Ceramist, inlays and onlays are designed to repair tooth damage, protect against further decay, stabilize the tooth structure, and complete your smile while looking as if they’re your real teeth. These are usually a good choice for severely damaged teeth or deep cavities due to the amount of protection and strength they provide. In fact, our porcelain inlays and onlays are even more durable than composite-based restorations!

We install inlays and onlays in two phases: First, we’ll make impressions of your teeth and remove any old fillings in the area that will be worked on, replacing them with a temporary filling. Afterward, when your permanent porcelain restoration is ready, you’ll come back for the installation. It’s a stress-free, seamless process, and we’ll make sure you stay comfortable and at ease during each phase.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are of critical importance if you suffer from a tooth infection. They are used to remove infected or decayed root pulp and ensure as much of the tooth as possible can be saved. Today’s root canal therapies, including ours, focus just as much on your comfort, safety, and peace of mind in addition to eliminating any risk of further tooth infection. If you do have an infection, it’s very important that you get it addressed by an experienced dental professional before it causes extensive damage – it can even affect your very well-being, to put it lightly. There’s a common misconception about the pain associated with root canals – in fact, the experience is similar to having a filling placed! If we need to perform a deep cleaning of the root, then don’t worry, anesthesia (laughing gas) is provided to ensure you don’t feel any pain.

Dental Implants

Nobody wants to be stuck with missing teeth; it’s embarrassing, awkward, and detrimental to self-confidence. Plus, it doesn’t make eating, drinking or even speaking a walk in the park! You can also encounter infections due to bacteria buildup. Tackle all three issues in one go with Costello Family Dentistry’s dental implants! These are permanent solutions to missing teeth that are impossible to distinguish from your natural smile. They are used to protect against jawbone damage that usually comes after losing a tooth, being embedded into the jaw with a new false tooth attached to the implant. They are completely independent and don’t require altering other teeth or tissue for an installation. Sometimes, bone and gum grafts may be required prior to installation, but we’ll let you know for certain during your initial consultation.

Costello Family Dentistry’s restoration-focused services are designed to offer practical, dependable, permanent results that you can trust. To learn more or book an appointment, get in touch with the team today. We look forward to helping restore your smile!

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