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Over the course of our lives, teeth can get damaged through wear and tear or in specific incidents. For chips, discolouration or damaged teeth, dental crowns are a highly effective solution.

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Restore and Strengthen the
Look and Appearance of
Your Teeth

If your teeth have sustained severe damage and you feel insecure whenever you have to show them off, our team at Costello Family Dentistry can help.

Whether you have a chip, discolouration, or damage caused by decay, a dental crown (also known as a cap) can be applied to conceal and restore your tooth to look and feel just like your natural teeth.

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How Do I Know If I Need a Dental Crown?

Your dentist will have a look to determine what the problem is and whether a crown is the best treatment. But a crown is usually required if you have any of the following issues:

  • Severe damage sustained to the teeth (chips or cracks)
  • Severe discolouration
  • Severe signs of decay
  • Uneven sized teeth or misalignment
  • Dislodged fillings

Dental crowns are also ideal for those who simply want to improve the overall appearance of their smile.

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Dental Crown

Dental crowns are effective at concealing any significant damage and restoring the strength and function of the teeth by placing a cap over the top of it. There are a variety of materials that a crown can be made from, including porcelain, ceramic or metal. During your initial visit, our dental team will inspect the condition of your teeth and gums in order to select the most suitable crown based on your individual needs.

To ensure the cap will fit seamlessly overtop of your tooth, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth and gums to get an accurate shape and size measurement. Once the applicable tooth has been filed down, the crown will be capped over top and sealed. The dentist will ensure it fits comfortably and just right during this process to ensure it looks and feels as natural as the rest of your teeth.


Dental Emergency?

Our Carleton Place location offers same-day appointments for your emergencies. If you need a dentist near you to help you in a crisis, please do not hesitate — call us right away!


Why Crowns are

When you have a deeply damaged tooth, it can do more than simply harm your self-confidence. It can also lead to some serious issues, such as bone loss, speech impediments, infection, disease, and more. A crown can safeguard your oral health and the look of your smile so you can proudly show it off as often as you want to.

If you have a damaged tooth that you’re concerned about, contact Costello Family Dentistry today to set up an appointment. Our team is friendly, professional, and dedicated to ensuring our treatments are safe, comfortable, and as pain-free as possible for all our patients

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