What is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is a term that incorporates several services, all of which are designed to help improve the lifelong health and cleanliness of your teeth and gums. Paired with state-of-the-art tools and equipment in addition to years of practical experience, the Costello Family Dentistry team is happy to provide these services to address cosmetic and conditional issues.

Our Services

Teeth Cleanings

Regular cleaning is your ticket to healthier, happier teeth and gums. Paired with brushing at least twice and flossing a minimum of once daily (you’re doing that, right?), you can easily maintain improved oral hygiene. That means saying goodbye to bad breath, sayonara to sores and pain, and au revoir to cavities! The Canadian Dental Association recommends that patients schedule a cleaning every six months, enabling our Dental Hygienists and Dentists to identify and address any issues that crop up before they become bigger problems later on. We’ll also help you with recommended follow-up treatments, brushing techniques and other handy tips!

Teeth Whitening

Those pearly whites can be annoying to keep that way, can’t they? From wine, cigarettes and coffee to our favourite foods, staining is just a regular part of life with a pair of human chompers most of the time. Many folks suffer with reduced self-confidence from stained teeth as well. Fear not, however, as our dental team’s teeth whitening kits offer an affordable and convenient way to restore your smile! Fast, effective and with exciting results, they’re incredibly satisfying to use and can deliver dramatic improvements – up to eight shades whiter, in fact.

Migraine Pain Reduction

Costello Family Dentistry is pleased to offer a drug-free, cost-effective way to reduce or avoid migraines and tension headaches, which can otherwise get in the way of you making the most of every day. The solution? A small, comfortable mouthpiece known as a stabilization splint. This handy little device is comfortable, won’t trigger your gag reflex, and is easy to install and remove; it’s designed to stop you from clenching your teeth while you sleep, relaxing jaw muscles and ligaments to reduce headache and migraine triggers. Our team will perform a detail-focused examination to determine the cause of your pain, consulting with you on whether a stabilization splint is an appropriate solution.

Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

If we don’t take good care of our gums and teeth, the risk of developing gum disease increases. In fact, it affects 7 out of 10 Canadians! If left untreated, it can result in periodontal disease, tooth loss, receding gums, and other unpleasant experiences. Don’t put yourself through this; instead, let our team help to protect your oral health with our non-surgical gum therapy. It’s a plaque and bacteria-fighting solution that aims to address tender, swollen and red gums, oral bleeding, sensitive or loose teeth, and even bad breath. We’ll work closely with you to carefully inspect your teeth and gums, identify weak or disease-prone areas and recommend an appropriate course of action. Afterward, we’ll schedule follow-ups and make future-facing recommendations to help keep your smile as healthy as possible.

TMJ and TMD Therapy

Do you suffer from pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects your jaw to your skull? From sharp jabs to throbbing aches, this sensation is known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). It can be influenced by a range of causes including facial injuries, misaligned teeth, bruxism (when you grind your teeth in your sleep), and even bad posture. Common symptoms include headaches and migraines, ear pain similar to that of an infection, chewing difficulties and a telltale “pop” or clicking sound from your jaw that accompanies every bite. Ringing ears, nausea and even vertigo-like symptoms are also common in those with TMD, as is jaw, neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Fortunately, you can reduce the effects of TMD with the help of Costello Family Dentistry. Our forms of TMD treatment include specialized mouthguards and orthodontics, reconstructive dental procedures, and transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (TENS) therapy for relaxing jaw muscles. We’re also happy to help introduce better oral health habits or even recommend dietary changes, both of which can be beneficial in fighting TMD.

Are you ready to reach out to our team at Costello Family Dentistry for preventative care? We’re happy to help. Contact us to learn more about these services and more. Book your appointment today!

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