patient receiving emergency dental in Carleton PlaceWhen you hear the words ‘dental emergency’ your mind probably imagines something excruciatingly painful.


Not all dental emergencies involve pain as a symptom, however. This can make it challenging for people to identify whether they are in immediate need of emergency dental care.


Knowing how to distinguish between a more ‘routine’ dental matter and an emergency dental problem is important so that you can avoid further damage to your oral health.

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

person experiencing tooth painDental Emergencies can present themselves through a wide range of issues.


Some cases appear to be more serious than others, but they should all be treated to make sure your overall oral health isn’t affected in the long run.


Let’s take a look at some dental emergencies that can occur from time to time.


Broken, Cracked or Chipped Teeth

A severe crack or chip of a tooth may be accompanied by pain.


If this is the case, it is important to visit a dentist as soon as possible. We will be able to fix your teeth using a veneer, bond or crown – depending on how severe the problem is.


Dislodged Fillings

It may not seem like a huge problem to lose a filling, but this event could lead to some serious tooth damage down the road.


If left untreated, a loose or lost filling could cause further damage that will lead to more extensive and expensive dental care. To avoid that, come in as soon as you can to take care of that filling!


Person missing tooth in need of emergency dental care

Gum Or Pulpal Abscesses

Abscess is the build-up of pus that forms inside your tooth or gum.


Dental abscess is usually caused by a bacterial infection. If this goes untreated it can lead to further infection in your gums that will require surgery to deal with the diseased tissue.


Injuries Sustained In Accidents

This type of dental emergency is likely to be one of the most distressing ones to deal with.


If a tooth or several teeth were knocked out due to a fall, sports injury, or simply from biting down on some food emergency dental care is crucial.


Seeking immediate dental care is the best (and potentially only) way to save a chipped or broken tooth. Call us immediately to schedule an emergency dental appointment. If you’re not nearby or if we are closed, we will gladly direct you to the closest emergency dentist who can help you.


Pain With Chewing, Biting or Speaking

If you are experiencing any severe pain while chewing, biting or speaking, this could be a sign that there is an exposed nerve somewhere.


Visiting an emergency dentist will help ensure the problem is identified and taken care of immediately.

How To Avoid Dental Emergencies – Be Proactive with Oral Health

Practising healthy dental habits like regular flossing and brushing will help you protect your teeth from most dental emergencies.


Regularly scheduled visits to the dentist will also allow your dentist to spot any potential issues. This way we can work with you to take the necessary steps in avoiding a potential dental emergency.


Some dental emergencies such as those caused by injury are sometimes beyond anyone’s control. They can happen despite the best of intentions, good habits and despite having taken the necessary precautions to be extra careful.


Wear the protective gear or equipment that is required for certain activities to avoid severe injuries.

patient getting emergency dental care

Emergency Dental In Carleton Place

Life doesn’t always go our way, no matter how good our habits may be.


Costello Family Dentistry provides highly efficient and fast service for emergency dental in Carleton Place.


If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Carleton Place or nearby communities, or if you are a patient of Costello Family Dentistry experiencing a dental emergency elsewhere, contact our clinic immediately!

Dr. Shahrooz Yazdani


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