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Are you Googling “root canal” while cringing and peeking in between your fingers?


If so, you may be dreading the prospect of going in for root canal – as many others have, much the same as you.


Keep in mind that every dental service is different. A root canal is a very delicate and unique procedure. But with modern dental technology and a superior level of dental care, root canal need not be as uncomfortable and full of dread and angst as it once was.


Before you book your root canal in Kanata, Carleton Place or Kemptville, you can take the opportunity to learn what it is and how it can help you.

As Much Fun As Root Canal?

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You’ve probably heard – or even uttered – a phrase that goes something like, “… (blank) is about as much fun as root canal.”


Root canal has become a benchmark in our society for a procedure or event that is equated with something that is the opposite of fun, more like unpleasant, painful and something not to look forward to.


But root canal is a necessary dental procedure sometimes, and root canal is very efficacious.


Once the discomfort and unpleasant experience of a root canal is in the past, most dental patients report feeling “much better” and seeing “drastic improvement” thanks to the root canal procedure.

What Exactly is Root Canal?


root canal depicted in animationToothache is often the aftermath of a bacteria infection.


Bacteria can infect the tooth pulp and spread all the way down to the root canal. Besides blood vessels and connective tissue, the pulp also contains nerves.


When bacteria penetrate the tooth enamel, they infect the pulp. Because of the nerve endings, abscess and inflammation can cause unimaginable pain and swelling.


Root canal treatments are designed to help treat these specific dental cases. Thanks to the modern approach to dental care, a root canal procedure has become a routine filling that usually takes a couple of appointments.


In a root canal procedure at one of our dental clinics in Kanata, Carleton Place or Kemptville, the inflamed and infected pulp will be removed. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected. The cavity is then filled with a special material. Finally, the tooth is fully restored with a filling or a crown, depending on the damage.

How Can Root Canal Help You?

root canal depicted in animation

A root canal treatment offers several benefits. Let’s quickly go through the most noteworthy ones.


First of all, root canal will help you alleviate the pain that causes discomfort and paralyzes you from being functional.


A root canal will also help you save the tooth.


The root canal procedure’s primary goal is to eliminate the bacteria from the tooth. After cleaning and disinfection, the root canal is bacteria-free, and there is nothing left to cause the inflammation.


The filling ensures that there are no recurrent infections. Your tooth will be saved as well as your natural smile.


Natural appearance is also a beneficial by-product of a root canal procedure.


Not only will you save the infected tooth, but the surrounding teeth as well. You will prevent the infection from spreading, and by protecting the tooth, you will prevent the other teeth from wearing down due to excessive use or strain.


woman getting root canal


You will also retain the normal sensation when chewing. Chewing efficiency will also remain intact, enabling you to consume foods with the same biting force and sensation.


There is also a psychological component to it. You will be aware that you saved your tooth, which can boost your confidence, not to mention the power of the natural and sparkly smile.

Book Your Root Canal With Costello Family Dentistry


As you can see, a root canal procedure is nothing to be scared about. It is a beneficial treatment that can help you get rid of the pain and save your tooth.


If you are facing the need for root canal, we can help. Talk to Costello Family Dentistry today to find out more and book your appointment.